The Vagabonds
1960 - 1964 Part Two

Practice Weekends

One of the highlights of the early season was the annual practice weekend in Atlantic City. most often the corps stayed at the Oasis motel, directly across the street from Bader Field. Long practice sessions and free time evenings made the final weekend before the season started a memory to be treasured.

Garden State Racetrack
During the corps middle years,
there were frequent performances at the Garden State Race Track.

The corps performed at the Philadelphia Navy Yard...

...Philadelphia Eagles Games...

And a lot of parades.

But most of all....the contests...

During these middle years, the corps traveled all over the Mid-Atlantic States. From Bridgeport, Connecticut to Rome, New York. From Newark, New Jersey to Baltimore, Maryland, the corps averaged twenty contests a season. Even in the winter, standstill and colorguard contests kept things going all year long. Some places, like Newark Stadium and Wildwood's Maxwell Field became as familiar as home.

1965 - 1969