The Vagabonds
Alumni Corps

In 2003, under the direction of Joe Basciani, the new South Jersey Vagabonds joined the ranks of alumni drum corps.

To quote Joe from the corps website, here's what the Vagabonds alumni is all about:

"The origin of the South Jersey Vagabonds Drum and Bugle Corps has roots all the way back into the 1950s when this particular form swept the nation and the world. When competitions sprang up, the "S. J. Vagabonds" (as they became known) was at or near the top in every classification for which they qualified for their entire history.

Those of us in the present Corps hope to build back to an award winning level of performance, but our present focus is somewhat more relaxed. Our belief is that the intensity and expertise required for winning in competitive appearances will build over time as experience is gained by the newer members, and we haven't been disappointed.

These days, we're more interested in enjoying the music we make, and this enjoyment is paying handsome dividends. We're now competing on an annual basis at the Bugler's Hall of Fame. The "new folks" are having some of the "new" rubbed off by those "more experienced" members at regular rehearsals which involve a lot of playing, team-building, and even specific technique instruction by our "old" pros. We're beginning to win recognition for our work, and since our dedication is fueled by the enjoyment of what we do, there's practically no other way to put it than to call it for what it is: Just plain FUN!"

Without a doubt, Joe and the alumni members would love to hear from former Vagabonds. Check out their website, and let them know you visited. Better yet, drop in on a practice and see what they're all about.

Link to the Alumni Website